Fort Hamilton Market

Join me and my sweet friend Shrutti at the Fort Hamilton Market in Brooklyn! It’s a great market where you can come and explore unique gifts created by local artisans and artists, traditional food, carousel, Santa and more.

This time again, we combined our forces and will be selling all things felt & illustrations! Come and say hi!


Experimental Watercolors @Brooklyn Brainery

This Experimental Watercolor workshop focuses on series of different experiments, to better understand this versatile medium. Once we’ve covered some different techniques, everone gets a chance to work on their own watercolor piece. Which is great, because that way everyone gets to ask all sorts of individual questions regarding their pieces.



DIY Holiday Cards @Brooklyn Brainery

DIY Holiday Cards at the Brooklyn Brainery. Another one of my favorites. Even when I think I’ve run out of Holiday themed ideas, students always come up with something new.

Check out the student gallery below for some truly atmospheric beauties.

Student Gallery: Mixed Media & Collage 11|6 Brooklyn Brainery 

This class is always a surprise for me. Sometimes students want to make as many experiments as possible, but sometimes it’s the complete opposite. This group anonymously chose to focus on some beautiful finished fine art pieces and illustrations. Funny thing is, I think everything was a little travel inspired

See below for the results of this 2 hour workshop:

Student Gallery | Experimental Watercolors

Student Gallery: Experimental Watercolors at the Brooklyn Brainery.

This was the best; over the course of two hours students created a range of  washes, color blooms, textures, color gradients and more. It’s unbelievable how much you can do with watercolors… I guess we could’ve spend another hour (or 2?) creating all sorts of fun experiments.

The class was divided into 2 sections; where we focused on experimenting in the first half, and on a personal project in the last last 30min – 45 min. Students could choose to either work on something they’ve brought with them, or work on exercises that focus on layering paint, by creating a forest. Or one where they combine  ifferent techniques: create a cloud, dripping ink and splashing on the floor, combining 3 colors.



3 Hrs Recipe Illustration workshop @Brooklyn Brainery

Another student gallery from a very fun Recipe Illustration workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery. Although the 2 hour classes are great, I somewhat felt that it didn’t allow for enough time to actually create the artwork.

So this time we ran one that was 3 hours instead of 2. Which was great because it allowed for a larger focus on illustration and design exercises and more time to get into action. The feedback was great, everyone loved the fact that they had plenty of time to work on their recipes. As it always takes a little while to get into the process of creating.


New Class | Experimental Watercolors – Saturday Oct 29

Join me for an Experimental Watercolor workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery, Saturday the 29th of October!

This will be a great 2 hour workshop that focusses on a playful, and fun approach to watercolor painting. We’ll explore this versatile medium through a variety of different experiments and techniques. We’ll also work towards a final piece for which you can bring an image that you like. But plenty of ideas will be provided as part of the workshop as well.

In this 2 hour workshop we’ll cover:

  • Traditional techniques: wet on wet, dry on dry, textures, glazes and more.
  • Color gradients: How to work the paint and water to create those beautiful color gradations.
  • Fun! Play and explore watercolors with stamping, stencils, salt, drippings, splashes and straws.
  • For on your wall: Besides a variety of different watercolor experiments, you’ll go home with a finished watercolor painting to hang at home or give as a gift.

For more information go to:




First Market is a wrap!

This was so exciting! Finally sold  my artwork at a market. This was at the Geek Forest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a small market, launching their first public event. I couldn’t have done this without my partner in crime my sweet friend Shrutti Garg from

In case you missed it, all prints are of course all for sale in my Etsy shop or my Redbubble store.

Happy smiles!


Student Gallery – Illustrative Map making

Below some images of a very fun map making illustration workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery. It always surprises me as to how many different ideas students can come up with.

One of the things I want to focus on are for my workshops and classes to be creative and free. To provide an experience where students can focus on their individual interests, rather than working on the same exercise as a group.

However, this time I included a little group experiment. Symbols are very important to visualize the locations and their importance on a map. To get everyone to think outside their box, I got them to think of 3 different ways to visualize WaterAnd everyone showed a different way; so in 15 minutes we had over 23 examples of water. So inspiring…