(under) Watercolour & Wine: an Ocean Themed Watercolour Workshop

I’ve been wanting to organise this workshop for quite some time. Under-Watercolours & Wine; bring a glass of your favourite, and dive into an evening of all sorts of ocean theme watercolour paintings. These might not have been your traditional painting class, but definitely a fun way to ease your way into watercolours. Touching on techniques such as watercolour washes, gradients and blooms, as well as layering your washes, drip-painting and masking fluid.

It was such a ‘swell‘ evening, thank you all for coming and making this one a reality!

More on the workshop blurb here. And below some pics from the workshop evening itself.


Watercolour & Wine: Who Will Be Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day, a beautiful opportunity to cherish all your loved ones! The first workshop I organised out of Bustle Studios; my new shared/ coworkers space in Surry Hills, Sydney. They have the loveliest meeting room, perfect for my illustration workshops! And, a great space to work from during the day.

During this 2 hour workshop we covered the very basics of the watercolour technique, using watercolours paints, masking fluid, pens and oil pastels.

More on the workshop blurb here. And below some pics from the workshop night itself.


Experimental Watercolours

Brooklyn Brainery || Experimental Watercolours Highlights

A full on 2,5 hour class, playing with different tricks and utensils to create some funky watercolour effects. Starting with the very basics, followed by a dive into different experimental paintings, finishing with some personal work.


Experimental Watercolors @Brooklyn Brainery

This Experimental Watercolor workshop focuses on series of different experiments, to better understand this versatile medium. Once we’ve covered some different techniques, everone gets a chance to work on their own watercolor piece. Which is great, because that way everyone gets to ask all sorts of individual questions regarding their pieces.



Student Gallery | Experimental Watercolors

Student Gallery: Experimental Watercolors at the Brooklyn Brainery.

This was the best; over the course of two hours students created a range of  washes, color blooms, textures, color gradients and more. It’s unbelievable how much you can do with watercolors… I guess we could’ve spend another hour (or 2?) creating all sorts of fun experiments.

The class was divided into 2 sections; where we focused on experimenting in the first half, and on a personal project in the last last 30min – 45 min. Students could choose to either work on something they’ve brought with them, or work on exercises that focus on layering paint, by creating a forest. Or one where they combine  ifferent techniques: create a cloud, dripping ink and splashing on the floor, combining 3 colors.



New Class | Experimental Watercolors – Saturday Oct 29

Join me for an Experimental Watercolor workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery, Saturday the 29th of October!

This will be a great 2 hour workshop that focusses on a playful, and fun approach to watercolor painting. We’ll explore this versatile medium through a variety of different experiments and techniques. We’ll also work towards a final piece for which you can bring an image that you like. But plenty of ideas will be provided as part of the workshop as well.

In this 2 hour workshop we’ll cover:

  • Traditional techniques: wet on wet, dry on dry, textures, glazes and more.
  • Color gradients: How to work the paint and water to create those beautiful color gradations.
  • Fun! Play and explore watercolors with stamping, stencils, salt, drippings, splashes and straws.
  • For on your wall: Besides a variety of different watercolor experiments, you’ll go home with a finished watercolor painting to hang at home or give as a gift.

For more information go to: https://brooklynbrainery.com/courses/experimental-watercolors