Illustrative Map-Making Workshop

One of the things that I enjoy about teaching, is that I sometimes learn a lot myself. The illustrative map-making workshop is one of those.

This 2nd map-making workshop took place at the new Brooklyn Brainery location in Windsor Terrace. In this lovely small space we worked on a variety of different maps. Two students combined their love for food with map-maping, creating a map placing iconic British dishes geographically on the map and another guiding you through all the things you should eat when visiting Singapore.

Other maps were incredible as well; mapping a wardrobe, the world map through the eyes of a cat or mapping friendships and relations. Another student put the local ‘characters’ from her neighborhood on the map of Prospect Park area. Loved it!



First Market is a wrap!

This was so exciting! Finally sold  my artwork at a market. This was at the Geek Forest in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a small market, launching their first public event. I couldn’t have done this without my partner in crime my sweet friend Shrutti Garg from

In case you missed it, all prints are of course all for sale in my Etsy shop or my Redbubble store.

Happy smiles!