Student Gallery – Illustrative Map making

Below some images of a very fun map making illustration workshop at the Brooklyn Brainery. It always surprises me as to how many different ideas students can come up with.

One of the things I want to focus on are for my workshops and classes to be creative and free. To provide an experience where students can focus on their individual interests, rather than working on the same exercise as a group.

However, this time I included a little group experiment. Symbols are very important to visualize the locations and their importance on a map. To get everyone to think outside their box, I got them to think of 3 different ways to visualize WaterAnd everyone showed a different way; so in 15 minutes we had over 23 examples of water. So inspiring…

Friday Sept 30 – Illustrative Map making Workshop | Brooklyn Brainery

New Class at the Brooklyn Brainery!

Illustrative map-making, a class I’ve been wanting to design for a long while.

It will be a lovely opportunity to illustrate one of your holiday favorite spots, or visualize your city or neighborhood so you friends and family know where they should go to when they visit you. And, if not that, you can always go back to childhood treasure map creation 😉

This workshop is a great way to explore visual storytelling. We’ll look into answering different visual questions, look at some inspiring examples of maps, different illustration aspects such as planning, composition, color, and experiment with different techniques like drawing, ink, collage, paint and stamping.

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